This document explains how to install ghc-vis on Debian.

Install Dependencies

apt-get install libghc-gtk-dev libghc-svgcairo-dev libghc-cairo-dev \
  libghc-transformers-dev libghc-text-dev libghc-fgl-dev \
  libghc-mtl-dev libghc-polyparse-dev graphviz

Install ghc-vis

cabal update
cabal install ghc-vis --disable-library-profiling

To use ghc-vis you have to load its ghci file in GHCi. To do this automatically when GHCi is started run you have to run something like this, adapted to your GHC and ghc-vis versions:

echo ":script /home/def/.cabal/share/x86_64-linux-ghc-7.10.3/ghc-vis-0.8/ghci" >> ~/.ghci